2011 Wedding Trends

Wedding Reception Decorations

Brides are choosing centerpieces that are in the same color tones, but of different sizes. They are also changing the shape of the tables, mixing round with square. These trends give the reception tables a more interesting look and a less “coordinated” feel. Unique vase fillers  include glass marbles, sea glass,  shells, acrylic ice, water absorbing crystals beads, and fresh fruits such as lemons and limes.

Comment from Wedding Planner Michele Rogers : If you are looking to do something new the idea of mixing up the size of tables is a good one.  It allows the room to look very different from what guests would expect.  Be sure to ask the facility to create a room drawing so you understand how the room will look, make sure that you are comfortable with the new layout, and understand exactly how many place settings are at each table. Along with changing the table size and shape this allows you to easily change the floral containers, therefore giving more interest to each table.





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