18 Days From Now

As the name of my company is Accolade of London, Inc you might be inclined to think that I have  a link to the country that is now totally a buzz with the Wedding of the Decade.  Well yes I do.  I grew up in London and I’m proud to share I’m a true Royalist.  I love the tradition, pageantry,  and history of the monarchy.  The monarchy today has done so much to adjust to the times, to try and appear more in touch with the country and the people.  Many might share that  Princess Diana, mother of Prince William did a lot to make the Royal Family appear more “normal”  She desired to be in touch with the common person, and the out pouring of love, and public mouring when she died illustrated that she had in fact managed to lessen the class divide.

I was a student when Diana and Charles got married.  I, along with a large group of friends went to Hyde Park the night before the wedding to see the Fireworks, and then of course sat in front of the TV the next day to watch the wedding. Then there where celebrations in the pubs, streets, neighborhoods.  How beautiful Diana looked.  That amazing dress that within hours was copied all over the world.  Then the “kiss” a public show of affection which if you had followed the Royal family to that point was not something that was done.

So here we are within three weeks of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s first child Prince William getting married.  William will marry Kate Middleton.  A commoner – translated means she has no title.  All eyes are on this couple.  He is the spitting image of his mother, she is a beautiful, intelligent, and brave.  Being a married into “The Family” surely comes with it’s benifits, but life will change into duty and duty does not go away.

I will of course be in front of my TV again for this wedding.  Only now I have a 5 hour time change to deal with which means an early morning.  But I wouldn’t miss it.  Looking forward to April 29th and sharing with with some good friends, and getting a front seat to the next hot wedding trends.

Let me know if you’ll be watching and what you expect the bride to be wearing.

Picture from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/royal-wedding


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