Summer Wedding Trends

Summer Trends

The sun is out, the weather is warm! Beautiful flowers are in bloom everywhere. Summer is finally here!  What’s not a better way to celebrate the new season than a lovely Summer Wedding? The Summer colors of 2011 are out.  Some examples are honeysuckle, orange, lavender, earthy greens, and royal blue with light yellows or white. Your bridesmaids will look beautiful in a honeysuckle or light yellow colored dresses. A popular trend this wedding season is country living weddings, bring the “at home” feeling of the country to your reception through outdoor venues and homemade accents. With the beautiful earthy greens, yellows, and pinks, this trend can be brought to life

Another popular trend this season is using vintage accents in your wedding. What a great way to have some beautiful classics in your modern wedding.

*        Classic cars on display during your reception

*        Vintage cake topper

*        1930’s finger waves for your hair

*        Old-fashioned sundae buffets

It’s all about what’s old and classic with this theme. When including a vintage accent, be sure to check out thrift stores and mom’s attic for items such as porcelain vases to use as centerpieces, retro lighting, vintage shoes, and grandma’s brooch!

Are you incorporating any of these trends in your wedding planning this summer?  Do you have any that you would like to share?


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