I received this…

I received this email last Friday from one of my brides.

Thank you for our meeting today. You keep my mind calm and focused on what is important at that time. You do not let me stress or over-think a small issue.  I ALWAYS FEEL SO MUCH BETTER AFTER OUR MEETINGS! Sighs of relief for myself and the groom.

Thanks again,
Michelle Strong

Her words and comments are a true expression of how I want my brides to feel during the planning process. Sometimes it’s easy to over stress on things and without a wedding planner (who is professionally detached) to help you channel your thoughts and energy in the right direction you can sometimes feel very overwhelmed.  Planning a wedding should be fun and enjoyable.  If you are not having a good time maybe it’s time to consider hiring a planner Imageto help clear the stress and create an opportunity for you to enjoy the planning, but even more importantly, enjoy your wedding day, knowing someone else will take care of all the details.


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