What does a Wedding Planner Do?

The true answer to that question is actually kind of hard.  No two weddings are alike, because each wedding is a reflection of the couple, their tastes, their joys, their priorities.  So while a wedding planner can have an overall job description, each wedding with take its own path.  But no matter what the path a true professional wedding planner will be there every step of the way to make sure that there is clarity to all the decisions that are to be made.  My couples will always make their own decisions, my job is to lay out all the information, weigh up the pros and cons, define the budget and the level of importance of the service/item and then the decision can be made with no regrets.

When a couple interviews me as a full service wedding planner we are all on the page of entering into a business relationship, but by the time the wedding comes that relationship has changed.  Clients have become special because you are sharing one of the most important days in their lives up to that point.  To me it’s always been a privilege to be a part of the wedding day. I will always do my best to make sure that the whole day from start to finish is everything that couples and their families dreamed it to be.  That’s why you hire an experienced wedding planner.

A recent review from a bride concluded with this:

Thank you for making the wedding planning process an enjoyable & relaxed one for us. I would highly recommend this business. Michele does so much & will invest herself completely into your wedding. The wedding planning process will NOT be stressful at all with her help. You won’t have to worry about a thing on your wedding day because she really is on top of everything. I couldn’t imagine planning a wedding without her help. All of my vendors said she was wonderful at communicating with them and that they had never worked with a more professional planner. She made it so fun & relaxed. Michele takes care of all the details to make your wedding day really come together. She helped us create such a beautiful & memorable day!

Please consider Accolade for your wedding, we are here to help

317-258-0691 call or text  or email acolondon@att.net

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